Why Another Blog?

At the end of 2017, I once again left full time employment – this time as Head of SEO and Social Media at The Telegraph – to do my own thing. This ‘thing’ is not yet completely definable, as I’ve submitted a book proposal and waiting to hear back from publishers. I will be continue a digital publishing consultant in the meantime.

While my ambition of being published may or may not become a reality in the next few months, I want to do quite an assortment of new things, hence the name of the blog. This ranges from learning new production skills, doing more creative work, getting physically fitter and giving some time to projects that aren’t all about me.

Most importantly, in writing a book in the last year and working on two more proposals, I will have a lot of material that I think is interesting, and may or may not make publication in book form. The best place to share those snippets, articles and other media will be here.